Business Award Berlin 2022 – SAJO awarded GOLD

August 10, 2022: We are interrupting our current series on lessons learnt from COVID-19 for some news.

Started in February 2020, the SAJO blog is providing a thread through the pandemic with up-to-date information to present pandemics and infectious diseases.

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Dear readers,

The BUSINESS AWARD BERLIN is honoring the best German-speaking enterprises, associations, and institutions. The Business Award Berlin is the biggest independent award for entrepreneurs in the German-speaking region.

The SAJO nomination took place in March 2022 by an independent committee, the award was announced in June 2022:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, it is a great pleasure for us. To us, the whole team, all those working with and for SAJO, this is a delight and an honor.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the other NOMINEES and of course to the other WINNERS in their respective categories. Now we are looking forward to a positive future together!

A tissue culture incubator with cell culture dishes.

SAJO is consulting and providing information all around infectious diseases. We are working towards the great goal of the development of innovative, next generation antiviral and antibacterial drugs.

All of us will need these drugs! The necessity of such drugs is becoming ever more urgent. Assist us, support SAJO, recommend SAJO, and become a part of the SAJO family. SAJO is standing for a healthy and a better world!

Become a part of SAJO and the SAJO movement!

Yours, Joerg and Sabine

Dr. Sabine Breun and Dr. Joerg Baumann, both PhDs, virologists, immunologists and founders of SAJO. Both are specialized in infectious diseases. Since the 90s, Dr. Baumann has been working on zoonoses and how pathogens overcome the species barrier. Since 2000, Dr. Breun works on the interaction of viruses with the immune system. Both work as team. SAJO enables new antivirals – antivirals of the next generation to fight pandemics.
During their scientific carreers, both performed scientific work for 5 years at the National Cancer Institute in a US elite program on competitive US scholarships.

SAJO – for a healthy and better future!

SAJO is consulting all around infectious diseases. We are applying our know-how, that we have acquired in more than 20 years. We do what we can to fight this pandemic.

This is post No. 230. To our delight our blog is receiving a lot of acceptance, we love to share our know-how and expertise. Please feel free to share the link – it is an informative tool to fight this pandemic.

(Note: We are no members of political parties, religious congregations, or societies. We value independence, sovereignty, and freedom. With our blog we are providing purely scientific advice, without conflict of interest, altruistic. We are not being paid for it.)

The SAJO high technology (the heart of SAJO) allows for the identification and isolation of next generation antiviral and antibacterial components for the development of new drugs, for prevention or therapy. This is what we do best – these are our USP and our strength.

Looking for a reputable, wise and long-term investment?

Financiers and big investors, who respect democratic values are very welcome to contact us.

#1 Should you like to have SAJO antivirals or antibacterials, or to give a contract, or need consultation, or to invest into SAJO, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may use the formular at our homepage or phone number or email.

#2 On a regular basis we are asked for ideas. For ideas please feel free to contact us as well. You may use the formular at our homepage or phone number or email.

The SAJO business model:

Visit Sabine at XING and Jörg at LinkedInörg-baumann-phd-0710b11a3