sajo is a research-driven enterprise that discovers and develops groundbreaking compounds with strongest antiviral activity. These compounds are opening a new era of antiviral medication.

Infectious diseases are spreading at an increasing pace. For this reason, available medication is scarce compared to the number of pathogens. Numerous viral and bacterial diseases cannot be treated yet, with numbers growing steadily. Worldwide, mankind is facing a growing problem. Adding to this challenge is the fact that livestock animals in agriculture are targets of pathogens, too, resulting in billions of dollars of revenues lost each year.

Since December 2019 - and for the time being – mankind is making a sobering experience. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has quickly reached all four corners of the world. This will not be the last pandemic for the global community, it is a mere shot across the bows. The world’s economic powers’ propensity to deforest and to change the environment for (short-term) economic profit maximization leads to human beings getting into contact with wild animals that are carrying numerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Thus, there will be ample opportunity for pathogens to jump species. The next pandemic might just be waiting around the bend. The World Health Organization is calling this one “Pathogen X”.

sajo’s Research & Development now is offering new avenues for treatment and especially for prevention of infectious diseases using newly developed antivirals and a breakthrough technology to identify drugs of a new dimension. Using this new key technology, sajo opens up new sources of antivirals with strong activities against infectious diseases. Complementing this approach, sajo also develops diagnostic and research tools around the newly identified drugs and drug targets.

Intellectually super-charged inventions and developments across several scientific disciplines are key to sajo’s entirely new approaches.

Within the market, sajo is located in the field of preclinical research and development: drug discovery, identification and isolation, drug synthesis and development. To this end, we are using the proprietary sajo key high technology (sKHT®), which combines a chain of unique selling points. Once identified, these new, highly active compounds will be tested in vitro and in vivo for their potential to bring a radical solution to present and upcoming disease threats.

If you are interested in pursuing these goals together with us, please contact us. We are always looking for clients and partners.