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On grounds of growing infection numbers, an appeal to all of you: Adjustments are necessary, otherwise we shall lose!

Dear readers,

We are accompanying you through this pandemic since February. We are giving advice, we are informing you, we are coming along, and we are repeating ourselves when necessary. Please read this post attentively. We are addressing everybody in our country! Please act accordingly. Then, we shall make it again this time. You have our thanks, every one of you! For it is only together that we shall keep this pandemic under control!

Nearly 22 Million infections globally show that the pandemic is ongoing.

In Germany we observe an increase in new infections over the past two weeks.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

Since the end of April, there were no such high infection numbers. Since July, daily infection numbers have doubled to around 1700.

Even the german Robert-Koch-Institute is worried about this trend.

This would add up to a projected 50,000 new infections per month.

Internationally, Germany still looks good, but this development makes it clear, that things may change quickly.

Many of the countries Germans like to vacation in are exhibiting growing infection numbers. Many vacationers in this situation seem to choose risky places. To us, the reasons for that behavior are incomprehensible. German tourists seem to consider themselves immortal. Other explanations of their behavior in many vacation spots do escape us.

Thus, many new infection hot spots can be attributed to imported infections. This might be prevented by rigorous testing of people returning to Germany. These tests need to be done more forcefully and a lot faster.

The individual behavior of returning travelers needs to change: Without a negative test result, they need to avoid others.

We observe an increasing negligence in the general public. Distancing in many cases is not being observed. We consider this impolite.

The wearing of face masks is fading more and more.

How it might be regarding hand washing and general hygiene, we do not know, but if such easy things as keeping a distance and wearing a face mask are dwindling, we have our doubts.

Events, mass events are taking place with increasing frequency and are becoming even bigger.

The lack of self-discipline makes us sceptic of the school openings. They are a German-wide experiment with an uncertain outcome. Unfortunately, the states could not agree on a common set of rules, which would have been the best solution. Instead, every region is cobbling together individual concepts, that are full of omissions and mistakes.

All the people involved had months (school holidays and previous closings) to prepare the reopening. Instead, there was an extended vacation period. It is shocking to see that nothing happened.

Part time classes, smaller classes, separate classes in the morning and in the afternoon and, if necessary, during the weekends, would make sense. We have commented on this in a previous blog post.

Blog post, March 9, 2020 – interrupting chains of infection:

One appeal to the teachers: Take responsibility and do your job! It is a pandemic, which means these are exceptional circumstances. The children need you now!

The German test system needs to be revamped. We need faster tests, that allow results on the same day, with same-day notification. This is the only way to enable a close to normal life at school, in the job, and in daily routine.

True, it is a challenge to implement this in time, but it will pay off.

In any way, everyone may contribute through individual behavior.

Only if we do not relax in our behavior will we be able to keep the virus at bay. The virus is still circulating in the whole population. Every bit of negligence will be punished.

If everyone is sticking to the simple rules without fading, we will have a close to normal daily life. With time, you will get used to it, just keep trying and stay focused.

Yours, Sabine und Joerg

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