Germany in the land of fairy tales

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Over the last couple of days, we had been questioned by friends and acquaintances regarding the pandemic’s status quo and development. Some of them hoped for an answer like “this will be over soon”. Well, not so soon, after all. The pandemic is doing just fine.

Scientists are working hard to fix this, while ICUs are full to overflowing. There is one thing too many do not comprehend: It is time FOR EVERYONE to act. EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN, POLITICIAN, EMPLOYER, and INSTITUTION!

Momentarily, the pandemic is in full throttle: Globally, there have been 143 M confirmed infections with more than 3 M gruesome deaths. The dark figure is expected to be a lot higher. Germany is counting 3.2 M confirmed infections, and more than 80,000 casualties, again with an unknown number of unregistered cases.

Since Easter, not all cases have been reported. Several States have not made reports for days in a row, a prime example being North Rhine-Westphalia. Thus, the reporting system is exposed to manipulation and hence is not trustworthy.

The individual risk of infection is depending on the SARS-CoV-2 mutants. We do know the British variant B.1.1.7 has prevailed in Germany, and the South African mutant B.1.351 as well as the Brazilian variant P.1 are spreading here for months now. Quite recently, these have been joined by the new Indian mutant B.1.617. However, due to a severe lack of sequencing of positive samples, it is entirely unknown how far these have spread.

The protective measures for the population are too weak. Politicians are discussing. The recent proposition of an adjustment of the German laws dealing with infectious diseases needs to be overhauled promptly. But instead, the already weak measures are being watered down yet again. Just as if politicians are hoping for a fairy tale miracle to wipe away this virus.

The industry is refusing to take any responsibility for their employees’ well-being and to adjust occupational health measures to the current danger. The numbers of infections acquired at the working place will further increase, thus carrying the virus into families.

It is resulting in a ping-pong between job and private life.

Most of the work is done indoors. Those employees who are depending on their jobs to feed their families, are having the disadvantage. The risk to get infected in the workplace is increasing with the general infection numbers and the spread of new dangerous virus variants. A far too big part of the German economy is deliberately putting their employees into danger. No-one today may pretend not having known about the danger.

Indoor spaces need to be ventilated on a regular basis to completely exchange the air. We tear up if we hear of open-plan offices crowded with people not wearing masks, and a ventilation schedule of 5 minutes once an hour. But only because it was mandated by the boss. EVERY SINGLE ONE is asked to act here. Where is these peoples’ survival instinct?

With the economy refusing to implement safety measures there will be more employees who will suffer from long-term harm. They will be missed by the industry. With the already problematic lack of skilled workers the companies’ situation will further decline. Therefore, we do not understand the employers’ resistance. They are sitting on a bomb ticking. The German Minister for Economy – straight out of a fairy tale – thinks a curfew will make it. This is how he wants to shield the businesses from some inconveniences. Such short-term thinking to us is disconcerting, or maybe fairy tale-like.

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We are not in fairyland, there is no witchcraft. The virus is running like a clockwork. Science must fix the politically caused damage. Our estimate: This cannot work since there is a lack of funding for excellent science and innovative scientific companies. The virus is changing too fast. There is no more time. All advantages are on the virus’ side. The exponential growth of infection numbers in India over two months has already brought us another mutant, that is spreading globally. This should be ample warning: The bigger the number of infections, the bigger the chance of new, more dangerous, mutants. This may be seen by examples in Brazil, South Africa, and the US.

The vaccination campaign will do its part only by the end of the year, once a big part of the population has received their shots. In the US and Chile, you may observe what happens if after the start of a vaccination campaign, everyone thinks, this is it. Both countries had more than 40 % of their population vaccinated, but infection numbers are increasing. Lifting measures too early, was fatal.

We regret not having better news. Now the politicians have to do the right things fast. It would be a start to not just appeal to the people, but to make sure workplaces are safe and to minimize the risk of infection. This would make sure you can keep your good employees.

We hope for your success and wish good luck, we will need it!

To-date, a mere 20 % of the German population had contact with at least one shot of a vaccine. Until there is wide-spread protection by vaccines, the protective measures will need to stay in place. Please, take care of yourself! N-95 masks are a MUST, other face masks do not help, since the virus has changed, it now is even better at spreading via aerosols. Surgical masks DO NOT protect you from that.

Yours, Sabine and Jörg

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