highway to hell

Germany: Triage through the back door…

In November 2020 there was a warning of ICUs reaching capacity. Infection numbers in November were at 511 000.

In December 2020 there was a warning of ICUs reaching capacity. Infection numbers in December were at 730 000.

In January 2021 there is a warning that ICUs are reaching capacity. What is wrong here?

The numbers of COVID-19 deaths are steadily increasing since November 2020. In some regions crematories can not keep up with the body count.

How can it be that ICUs are being occupied at a rate of 95 % for months in a dynamic pandemic?

Two days ago, we received two pieces of information that provide an answer to our question. The German Robert-Koch-Institute in a press conference gave the information that the average age of COVID-19 patients in German ICUs is 60 years only. On the same day, in a talk show there was a casual mentioning that COVID-19 patients at nursing homes were no longer admitted to hospitals. These patients are allowed to suffocate in a cruel way in their nursing homes. What a horrible way to die. These helpless people are dying because staff and visitors are carrying the disease into their homes.

This way there is a triage through the back door. Nobody is talking about it. Where is the open discussion? Where are our critical and reputable journalists?

Nursing homes are offering a “highway to hell”, while receiving ample payment for this “delivery service”.

Now the Federal German Government and the State Governors will decide if this is to continue.

One hint: In the US, it took 12 weeks to come from 200 000 to 300 000 deaths. To reach 400 000 deaths it merely took 5 weeks. Would you like to copy the US model?

Therefore, again, we advice a sharp and complete shut-down. A business as usual will lead to an escalation.

Sabine and Jörg

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