pandemic level RED: the critical treshold is reached!

Dear Readers,

Two weeks ago, on September 26, 2020, 32.5 million people had been infected, 238 000 in Germany.

Today, on October 10, 2020, close to 37 million people had been infected, in Germany more than 321 000.

Johns Hopkins University, October 9th, 2020;

The pandemic is in full swing. There is cause for concern. The German government and the Robert-Koch-Institute are starting to react and are calling for more caution. The RKI is slowly starting to wake up.

The democratic constitution is giving us rights and liberty, but the virus is using liberties we are living out. This is firing up the pandemic. Not everything legal needs to be done.

To celebrate big weddings or birthdays today is out of order, since we do have a guest who is spreading in such settings especially. You as readers of our blog should know. Our government has done everything in their hands that was feasible without the imposing of stronger restrictions of our liberty. Now it is your turn to take responsibility for yourself and your family.

The commitment of individuals to prevention and the adherence to the protective measures may slow down the viral spread.

People seem to think they need to celebrate their wedding or significant birthday, and virologists are getting the creeps when observing such a lack of reason.

You are putting every single guest at risk! Each infection event is your responsibility, for you are the organizer.

It is high time for everybody to be responsible, especially those who think it necessary to celebrate in a big way. What egotism in times of a pandemic costing lives. Your behavior is helping the virus to spread.

We, too, have them in our families, the antivaxxers, the conspiracy mystics, and the businessman who wishes again for a “strong man” in German politics. Or the hospital nurse who wants to make her wedding a big family event in October, instead of spring, when the celebration could take place outdoors. We do not know if she is showing the same level of responsibility in her job.

It is the family gatherings where there is a lot of emotional blackmail. But: None of the invited are obliged to attend such an event, especially not in times like these.

Infection numbers are increasing significantly in Germany, a COVID-19 disease may have a severe course, and it may leave long-term defects. Everyone is capable to protect him/herself. And very easily so.

We advocate the AHACL (the typical German abbreviation, non-translatable), reminding on the Aztec god: The AHACL (in some circles also referred to as the Merkulix rules) mean: Distance, hygiene, face mask, virus app, and ventilation.

More elaborately (we will repeat until it is memorized) – The Merkulix-formula “The AHACL”:

  • Keep a distance!
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly!
  • We recommend N95 face masks, also for visits in the doctor’s office, in every setting where a distance may not be possible.
  • Keep making visits in the outdoors even now. There are warm clothes, and fresh air does not hurt.
  • The virus app does not harm, but an app is just as good as the data it is fed with. This is where there is still room for improvement, especially if test results are delayed, making the app useless. Additionally, the app is running on the most recent OS only, which is not common enough. Augmenting the problem even further is the lack of a widely available mobile phone network in Germany. For these reasons the app is not sufficiently reliable yet.
  • Make sure, regular ventilation is achieved in closed settings with several people.

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Yours, Sabine and Jörg

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