SAJO and the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Dear Readers,

SAJO is en vogue for everybody, young and old, for the specialists and the nonskilled. SAJO is there for everybody, SAJO is inspirational and is offering opportunities and challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend that became obvious over the last years: The old industries and business models the German export nation is depending on are becoming obsolete and are being replaced. This is most obvious in the automobile sector, which missed planning for future markets. This also is true for their suppliers. First closings of business have occurred or are being announced. This is merely the beginning. Over the coming years, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost in Germany.

Germany does not have commodities, the old industry is about to be liquidated, but Germany does have know-how. To use this is the only way Germany may keep its economic impact. The know-how may either be sold to other countries or it might be used to build new promising technology-driven enterprises in Germany and/or Europe.

This is opening the opportunity of new jobs, not just on specific areas of expertise, but also for less skilled people who may be educated in short term for certain areas and technologies. SAJO is one of these trendsetting companies.

SAJO is needing an infrastructure for the setup of its operational business. In the beginning, 100-150 jobs will be generated, for specialists as well as for the non-skilled.

We are looking for strong partners who are willing to lift the SAJO vision to the next level. Does this appeal to you? Please get into contact with us. We love to talk to you.

The SAJO business model is of high social relevance as well, since the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is not an isolated case:

Time and again, there are infections that result in global pandemics. Notorious examples are HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, smallpox, influenza, and most recently SARS-CoV-2.

Critical factors of such spreads are, among others, infectiousness, incubation period, severity of disease, or the human immune system’s reaction. With the notable exception of smallpox, none of these pathogens has been defeated. HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and hepatitis C virus are still spreading. Influenza is recurring annually in new variations. The outcome of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is unclear. Most likely, it will take years, with stronger and weaker outbreaks depending on season and people’s behavior: This virus is here to stay.

SAJO is offering the isolation of molecules that are active against pathogens of viral and later bacterial origin, that are threatening humans and life stock animals.

Viral and bacterial pathogens not only occur on a global scale, they are also changing constantly through their high rates of replication and mutation. Pathogens are changing in a way that existing drugs over time will lose their effect. The need for antiviral and antibacterial drugs is rising constantly. Multidrug resistant bacteria today already are killing thousands of patients annually in German hospitals.

SAJO is not only interested in the development of new antiviral and antibacterial drugs. SAJO also wants to prepare the general public for future challenges.

The globalization will lead to an ever-tighter nit world, where future pandemics may circulate ever faster. To prepare for that situation it is necessary to have a broad knowledge about hygiene, pathogens, and their dissemination. Therefore, SAJO is planning for the future:

SAJO world of infectious diseases to give opportunities to schoolchildren to get informed about infectious diseases in a hands-on way. Knowledge is opening the path to a good life and a good future.

The SAJO academy will offer education to more advanced students, to learn contents and techniques that up to now are not being taught in Germany, since our techniques are more advanced than the currently offered ones. The interest is there, as is the relevance. This is offering to the younger generation a chance to stand their ground in the future job market and to build a future of their own.

SAJO science for future is giving the chance to study further pathogens and/or parasites. There is a never-ending supply of them.

The SAJO founder’s platform with the SAJO startup culture is giving young people, who are working for SAJO and who develop their own ideas and concepts, the chance to achieve independence in the long run and to get a chance for their future.

Design by Michel Kitenge, mkpoint Aachen, Germany

The SAJO future is contributing to secure the generational contract. Thus, SAJO is giving a service to young and old generations alike.

SAJO is giving a perspective to the younger generation in a time of economic and industrial turmoil.

Education, job opportunities, challenges, and the possibility to prove oneself, are ways to protect from a drift into extremism.

SAJO – for a healthier world and better future!

The COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing. Until the development of antiviral medication, you need to help yourself with other means. One suggestion that has been cited many times in the media is coming from a hospital hygienist emeritus, who advises gargling with disinfecting solutions.

In order for that to be of any help, you need to at least apply the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Unfortunately, only Douglas Adams knew where to find the ingredients for this miracle cure. For more on that topic, there may be a future post.

Stay alert and curious!

Yours, Sabine and Jörg

Do we have to remind of the protective measures? Of course, and everywhere! Think about the German AHACL rules, the Aztec divinity, next to Quetzalcoatl: Physical distance, face masks, thorough hand hygiene, and fresh air! There is nothing easier than that, everyone can do it, and with time we have become accustomed to it. The more habituation, the easier the daily application is becoming routine. Practice makes perfect.

SAJO is consulting all around infectious diseases. We are applying our know-how, that we have acquired in more than 20 years. We are developing safety concepts for establishments and companies, that are tailored individually to the premises. We do what we can to fight this pandemic. We are also consulting scientifically our colleagues of the medical faculty.

SAJO – for a healthy world and better future!

To our delight our blog is receiving a lot of acceptance, we love to share our knowledge. Single posts and contents are being adopted by others, also in media. We have learned how to correctly make a citation; this we would wish from others in return as well. Please feel free to share the link.

By the end of August we had published our 100th blog post. The current blog post is marking No. 109 in German and No. 110 in English. We are thanking our readers and say CHEERS!

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Note: The company SAJO up to now has been funded by private means by Sabine and Jörg. More than € 500,000 were put into the development of the SAJO key technology. To take the next step, to develop SAJO drugs – antivirals and antibacterials – we are asking for R&D contracts and support.