sajo in a nutshell: sajo develops broadly-active antivirals

… with Miraculix and Falbala at the cauldron…. and it works!

Dear Readers,

Oliver Hoogvliet scetched the sajo business model. These cartoons show our business model in a nutshell. We like these cartoons.

One part of sajo is research & development (R&D). The heart of the company is the sajo key technology, which allows us to find, identify, and isolate highly active antiviral factors. These highly active antivirals will be protected via patents.

The second part of sajo is formed by a production unit that enables us to develop the best purification and production processes for each new compound. The processes will be protected by patents as well.

Priclinical development will be performed in close cooperation with our clients and the authorities involved. Thus, the clinical trials, performed by our customers, will be prepared properly in order to enable a smooth approval process.

Oliver gave some more details on the sajo R&D unit. The cauldron, being stirred by Joerg and Sabine, impersonating Miraculix and Falbala, definitely is included.

The technology has been developed by sajo and is subject to a natural copy protection due to its level of complexity (USP).

Should you have the idea to simply try this on your own, good luck. Believe us, you will not be the first.

This is our USP which cannot be copied. You will be better off, if you let us do the job as contractor, since we are capable to do it, and we are burning for it.

Oliver put into a nutshell the sajo production unit. The processes will be performed using GLP (good laboratory practice) standards. This ensures that the processes (protected by patents) are standardized and may be transferred into production under GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions followed by clinical trials.

Highly active antiviral compounds, protected by patents, with the respective detection tools and diagnostics (patented as well), biological material resulting from the developmental chains, will belong to the sajo products. Among the highly active antivirals, broadly-acting antivirals are to be expected.

We are looking forward to finding new contacts and to cooperate with you. Please contact us to rock sajo together. Get into cooperation with us and secure the results and products for yourself.

A heartfelt thank you to Oliver for the beautiful cartoons. ollihoo (

Stay tuned,

Sabine and Joerg

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