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Dear readers,

Yesterday, the Regional Director Europe of the World Health Organization announced during a press conference, that after 10 weeks of steady decline of infection numbers, Europe reached a turning point. This, we found in several trustworthy media outlets (Reuters, Washington Post, Deutsche Welle and others):

Since last week, infection numbers increased by 10 %. As may be seen from the WHO dashboard a few countries (f.e. Russia, Great Britain, Portugal) are main drivers, while some others are still experiencing a decrease in numbers. At the same time infection numbers with the Delta variant are rising all over Europe. It is more infectious and soon will be the dominant variant, not just in the UK and Russia. /ead3c6475654481ca51c248d52ab9c61

Now all over Europe measures are beginning to be relaxed so as not to disturb people’s desire for vacation. And the European soccer federation UEFA is doing its part to make sure the virus is being distributed happily. All this will fuel the pandemic on the continent again. What might be the consequences?

The head of the German Medical Association warned with all his expertise as orthopedist not to overstate the risk the Delta variant is posing. He says the fear of the virus is more dangerous than the virus itself (this is literally what US politicians said about the Spanish Flu in 1918). There is one thing he and many others do not comprehend (we are in danger of repeating ourselves): The more infections there are, the more mutations are about to happen, and hence giving the virus more opportunities to increase its infectivity once more, which in consequence will lead to more infections yet again. You recognize the positive feedback loop, don’t you?

Stay vigilant, avoid mass events, and keep up the simple protective measures.

Yours, Jörg and Sabine

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